This post was sponsored by Stonyfield. As a Stonyfield ambassador, I also received product coupons and a (very cute) dress from prAna free of charge. All opinions are mine alone. Thank you, my readers, for supporting brands that make My Cape Cod Kitchen possible!

How often do you take a few moments to savor the here and now? If you’re like me, it’s rare. My days are usually spent cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, running after Lucca (21 months) and getting ready for our baby girl arrival (late July). In between that time, I work (from home 3 days a week) and attempt to spend a few quiet moments with Adrian before we both fall asleep exhausted from the day. Rare are the quiet moments when I can unplug, sit in the fresh air and savor the moment.

For the month of May, Stonyfield has teamed up with prAna to celebrate #TheWholeYou. What does that mean? For me, it means taking a few moments in my day when I can slow down and be grateful and thankful for everything that makes me whole. Grateful for: my loving and supportive husband, my sweet and crazy son (he’s just started to give hugs – pictured above – and they’re the cutest hugs!), our baby on the way, for our extended family, for our health, for our ability to be active and spend so much time outdoors, for my flexible schedule and the ability to do what I love, for where we live (on Cape Cod – one of the most beautiful places on the East Coast!) and for the beauty that surrounds us everyday. And most of all, grateful for the little moments.

Stonyfield and prAna have challenged us to celebrate #TheWholeYou more often by savoring the moments with a satifsying and nourishing snack (Stonyfield’s Whole Milk Greek Yogurt) and prAna’s comfortable and sustainable clothing (like that cute little pink dress above). Timely, because this Sunday is Mother’s Day and rarely do we moms spoil (or, even take a few moments to) ourselves.

For me, savoring the moment is done best when I can set worries aside. Including worries about the ingredients in my food and drink, how it’s made and its imact on my family and the planet. Stonyfield products are not only nutrient-rich (as a Registered Dietitian and mom, this is very important to me), but they’re organic and made without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics and GMOs. Plus they support family farms and take care of the world around us. I feel good about buying Stonyfield products – it’s one less worry I have in the day. Lucca loves their YoBaby yogurt (he eats one daily).


I love the Whole Milk Greek Vanilla Bean (cup above) and, my ultimate favorite Oh My Yog! Vanilla Bean (but that’s hard to find). I also just tried the Grass Fed Vanilla (below), which was really good.

The great thing about yogurt as a snack is it’s nutrient rich: packed with bone building calcium, hunger satiating protein and gut health promoting probiotics. I also love the sweet and salty combo of seasoned nuts and a piece of fruit or small handful of dried fruit as a snack. The sweet and savory combination always satisfies.

I love savoring a snack outside – unplugged from my phone and the computer – preferably near the water (like below). It makes it much easier to be in the present moment.

Stonyfield GrassFed YogurtHave you worn prAna attire before? These days (especially being almost 30 weeks pregnant) I am all about comfort. Most of the clothing I wear is casual and workout attire. And the shoes I wear are either running shoes, flip flops or Toms. prAna’s clothing is all comfort and sustainability – and about inspiring healthy, active and free spirited lifestyles. Their styles are for every day living – no matter the adventure you have in store. So, they’re right up my alley. I have to say, I haven’t ordered from prAna in years – because I rarely shop (in store or online) anymore unless I really need something. We’ve tried to really simplify our life and minimize the “things.” So, if prAna and Stonyfield hadn’t treated me to this cute dress, I wouldn’t have treated myself. After learning more about prAna’s philosophy and loving this little pink number, I’ll be looking to them more often for clothing when I need it.

This is the Cali Dress in Cosmo Pink. It’s not a maternity dress, but I wanted to get something comfy and stretchy that would fit, even after the baby is born. It doesn’t fit my bump perfectly,  but still looks pretty cute (especially with my Lucca accessory on my hip). This dress is reallly soft, is made with sustainable and partially recycled materials.

Momma and Lucca

If you’re looking for a cute dress for the summer that’s made by a sustainable and inspiring company, is comfy, flows well and breathes, check this one out. You can get a discount on your entire prAna order, between 5/8-5/31 by using the discount code: WHOLES17JSR. It’s a great gift for you or for mom for Mother’s Day! 

I hope you can take a few moments today (and everyday) to celebrate #TheWholeYou and savor a snack or dessert that you love, in a place you love, while wearing something you love that keeps you cozy and comfy.