Disclosure: I received a gift card to visit and review the British Beer Company in Falmouth (our hometown). As always, all opinions are my own.

BBC 4If you’ve been to Falmouth, on the Cape, chances are you’ve been to or driven by the British Beer Company (BBC) on Surf Drive. It has a prime location, right across the street from Falmouth Heights beach (pic above is from that beach right before we went to dinner). Table views on the street side look out over Nantucket Sound. The BBC sits along our daily running route, so the three of us pass by it all the time, as we live just a few miles from it.

We’ve been to BBCs (there are 14 of them) quite a few times – here in Falmouth MA, in Hyannis MA and in Portsmouth NH. The food at the Portsmouth location was the best of the bunch, but we love the Falmouth location for many reasons:

  • Great views
  • Great beer selection (Adrian is the beer guy, I usually go with wine)
  • Year-round live music!! (though our days of being at a bar/restaurant past 8pm are over, at least for now…)
  • Great pub atmosphere
  • Friendly, helpful staff
  • Kid-friendly (lots of families go here between 5-7p, so they’re used to dealing with kiddos. We brought Lucca’s dinner (peas, sweet potato, Cherrios, yogurt), but ordered him a side of fingerling potatoes and he had a bite of sausage (!!) because he saw it on the table and went nuts until we gave it to him
  • Close to home (we could walk home if we had to, though those days are also over :))
  • Healthy choices are available. And there’s a separate GF menu! (I normally opt for a big salad – they have lots of lighter and fresh options. And Adrian’s mom is a celiac, so loves that they have a dedicated GF menu. We go there often when his parents visit.) Of course, the main attractions aren’t better-for-you options, but it’s nice that there’s something for everyone.

I do wish they had outdoor seating – a patio or deck – which would make the view that much nicer. Because after dark, from inside, you wouldn’t know you were right smack on the water.

Here’s what we ordered this time around:

Beer and wine, naturally. IPA and Sauvignon Blanc.

BBC 8Sausage Rolls to start.  These are not something we would ever order normally, but they are one of the BBC’s specialties, so Adrian wanted to try them out. They were really good and really heavy. Good to split amongst a large table. How can you go wrong with British bangers (sausage) wrapped in puff pastry with English beer mustard? This is what Lucca went crazy over.

BBC 1I ordered the Mahi Mahi Tacos. Blackened Mahi Mahi with guac, lettuce, onion, tomato, sour cream and a side of cilantro lime slaw. These were pretty good. I wish they hadn’t been placed under the heat lamp, because everything was warm, including the slaw. Because the blackened fish and the guac had a spicy kick, you needed something cool to tame the heat. The warm sour cream and the hot slaw didn’t do the trick. Flavor was good though, and the fish was really fresh. Having been a waitress and bartender, I know how hard it is to have all the food arrive at the same time at the right temps.

BBC 2Adrian ordered the Fish and Chips – a BBC favorite. Served with fries, onion rings and cole slaw. This dish could easily feed 2, or in our case, 3. If you’re looking for your occasional fix of good, fried seafood, this is a good bet.

BBC 3 Lucca loved people watching, flirting with the waitresses (great staff!) and checking out this motorcycle. BBC 5Nowadays, he doesn’t last long in his highchair, so we’re always on a short timeline. It’s essential to have enough things to eat, drink and do to keep him busy.

BBC 6All in all, the BBC is a great place to go for good drink, good atmosphere, good food – and, importantly is very family friendly. Thanks to the Falmouth location for hosting us … see you soon!