So my amazing yoga teacher Ann Brock of Everybody Needs Balance Yoga HIGHLY recommended this No-Knead-Bread from Steamy Kitchen – Ann is a foodie too so I always trust her recommendations. I waited a few weeks, because due to the upcoming wedding (September!), we are really trying to cut back on “refined” carbs and eat a bit lighter. BUT I knew we were getting clams from the local clam shack (see post below) and I couldn’t make the mistake of having no bread to soak up the amazing clam/butter/garlic/EVOO/white wine broth that the clams would be bathing in after being taken off the grill.

So, I began the process of No-Knead-Bread – I followed the directions pretty much to a tee – visit for the complete recipe. Note: next time I will use half whole wheat flour and add a bit more salt if we weren’t eating it with clams or mussels (which are naturally salty) because I found the bread to be a bit flat. But- for the purpose of soaking up all the clam goodness, this bread was perfect – especially because I had added truffle salt to the broth. The bread is perfect for entertaining – it’s a stunner, has a great thick and hearty crust and the inner part is light, soft and delicious – and would be great with a salted whipped butter or dipped in EVOO, balsamic, salt and pepper.